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I did like the interconnectedness of the characters and I enjoyed their warmth and humor as I contemplated the issues of love, family and home.

In San Jose, California, in the s, teenaged Sara keeps a diary of life as an Iranian American and her discovery that she and her family entered as undocumented immigrants. Given the politically charged climate around the topic of immigration, this memoir about being an all-American teenager, bicultural child of Iranian immigrants it timely. The memoir tackles complex topics of immigration, sex, alcohol, cultural stereotypes, and what it means to navigate life between two cultures.

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I loved the pop culture references, and relatable coming-of-age content. This book will kept me entertained and pushed me to understand the Persian culture. Gecko, Arjay, and Terence, all in trouble with the law, must find a way to keep their halfway house open in order to stay out of juvenile detention.

Arjay and Gecko, are determined not to do anything that will land them back in jail, become model students. They force Terence to comply. Then Terence annoys a gang leader, and a cop tells Gecko to stop seeing the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Korman handles each boy with humor and a dash of sadness. The reader gets the sensation that all three boys are living minute to minute and know that one false move will land them back in jail. Gordon Korman has written more than eighty novels for young adult and middle-grade readers and this novel is sure to please fans as well as create new ones.

Sixteen-year-old Guy Langman, his best friend Anoop, and other members of the school Forensics Club investigate a break-in and a possible murder, which could be connected to the mysterious past of Guy's recently-deceased father. A perfect mixture of wisecracking humor, teenage insecurity, and the occasional corpse.

Many laugh-out-loud moments and entertaining interactions between characters, especially Guy's banter with fellow club member Maureen. Born on the day the last Calvin and Hobbes comic strip was published, seventeen-year-old Calvin, a schizophrenic, sees and has conversations with the tiger, Hobbes, and believes that if he can persuade the strip's creator, Bill Watterson, to do one more strip, he will make Calvin well. Hobbes' sarcastic running commentary keeps Calvin grounded enough to make most things work. This novel is not only a coming of age story, but it is also a love story and a survival story dealing with an uncommon, but very real teen issue.

Stories of abuse, humiliation, and stereotyping are countered by the voices of passionate women making themselves heard and demanding change.


The hashtag in the title is statement that Native American women are a significant presence in the digital age. This book is an expression of their poetry, art, personal photos, short stories, and traditional song. Chapter breaks contain letters, e-chat conversations, maps, and news clippings that engage the reader in this love story with its mix of Victorian customs debut seasons, corsets and advanced technology the Computer, designed by the Church of the Empire, allows young people to find genetically suitable matches, much like a dating app.

At heart a love story that addresses topics such as race, class, gender, history, and diplomacy. A novel inspired by the true story of a false imprisonment traces the wrongful conviction of an innocent young African-American man for a gang-related crossfire death, a breach of justice that was fought by the man's daughter, and a reporter and a lawyer who combed through the case for overlooked clues.

This is a story about the failures of public policy and the court system to uphold justice for all.

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It is told strongly from the view point of the investigative reporter. From through the present, an Indian American family adjusts to life in New York City, alternately fending off and welcoming challenges to their own traditions. Inspired by the author's own experience as the youngest of three sisters who arrived in the United States in the s, this novel is told in alternating voices across three generations.

I loved the women in this book…complex and strong. Michael's parents are leaders of a new anti-immigrant political party called Aussie Values which is trying to halt the flood of refugees from the Middle East; Mina fled Afghanistan with her family ten years ago, and just wants to concentrate on fitting in and getting into college-but the mutual attraction they feel demands that they come to terms with their family's concerns and decide where they stand in the ugly anti-Muslim politics of the time.

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Told in alternating chapters between Mina and Michael, this novel explores the forces that feed anti-immigrant sentiment, not only in the United States but in Australia and Europe. There are no easy answers, but there is a powerful love story of friendship and romance. Written in blank verse, the story of Mildred Loving, an African American girl, and Richard Loving, a Caucasian boy, who challenge the Virginia law forbidding interracial marriages in the s. I first learned of the Lovings in the film documentary The Loving Story.

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This historical novel in verse captures their story of growing up in rural Virginia in the s. Mildred descended from African slaves and Indians. Her brothers had a white friend Richard Loving. They attended segregated schools, but all enjoyed music and square dancing together. As the years go by, their story become one of love, courtship, marriage, tribulation and triumph.

Their personal stories are told within the broader context of the civil rights movement happening at the time, occasional sections feature archival photos as well as significant quotes. Struggling to secure her identity as an Arab Indian-American hijabi teen who loves pop culture and aspires to a career in photography, Janna Yusuf falls for a boy she cannot date and considers exposing a person with a monstrous nature who is pretending to be a saint in their tightknit Muslim community. Set in a multicultural Muslim family, this book is a delight for readers who will recognize the culture and essential for those unfamiliar with Muslim experiences.

It the process she discovers her own strength. Kamet, an ambitious secretary and slave to his Mede master, is forced onto a very different path that compels him to undertake an extraordinary mission far from the future he envisioned, in an eagerly anticipated new novel set in the world of the award-winning Queen's Thief series. In a world filled with danger on the brink of war, the relationship between countries is strained and loyalties are tested.

Ordinary people like you or I are preparing for a period of darkness. In this time of change, one slave, one man can make all of the difference. An unforgettable story of courage and compassion while illuminating the terrible truth about how the chocolate we consume is made. There are so few stories for teenagers that provide a glimpse into the complex global systems. An author's note, glossary, and source material provide further context to engage readers and teachers. Offers a portrait of what a liberal arts education can do for the world, as told from the grads who have completed their degrees in humanities.

In a "rapidly evolving high-tech future," he writes, there will be "thousands of openings a week" for graduates who majored in subjects such as philosophy, anthropology, or English. These humanities and social science majors are the people businesses want to hire, Anders maintains, for their intellectual curiosity, creativity, empathy, critical thinking skills, and ability to write.

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Apprenticed to a matchmaker after she is declared unfit for marriage, Sage Fowler is recruited by the handsome and intriguing Ash Carter to help stop a treasonous plot to overthrow the king. Demora is vaguely a pre-industrial European nation, divided by class and bound together by marriage. Sage is a likeable female character who falls for Ash, who is royalty in disguise. Sounding like a Shakespearean comedy, the novel is a complex balance or romance, action, and political intrigue. Almost old-fashion this series opener is a delight.

Freed from slavery, Mariah and her young brother Zeke join Sherman's march through Georgia, where Mariah meets a free black named Caleb and dares to imagine the possibility of true love, but hope can come at a cost.

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Mariah and Caleb's unforgettable story is everything historical fiction should be: informative and engrossing. I was surprised and shocked by the violence and exploitation formerly enslaved people also experienced at the hands of the Union soldiers charged with freeing them. An shameful chapter in American history. A gay teen with an eating disorder that he believes gives him supernatural mental clarity decides to infiltrate the life of a bully responsible for driving away his sister, an effort that leads to a greater awareness of body image, self-acceptance and the things he cannot control.

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Feeling powerless, Matt realizes he can maintain control over one thing: the calories he consumes. As he restricts his food intake, Matt feels his other senses sharpen to the point where he believes he has superpowers, hearing and seeing other people's thoughts, and influencing others with his own commands.

Matt is delusional and anorexic, but he's also a strong character who is out and proud, brilliant, creative, and determined to survive. When the sister who delighted their parents by her faithful embrace of Mexican culture dies in a tragic accident, Julia, who longs to go to college and move into a home of her own, discovers from mutual friends that her sister may not have been as perfect as believed.

An Immigrant story of a young person trying to live in two worlds and trying to follow her own path. Julia wants to leave Chicago and attend college, while a "perfect Mexican daughter" would stay put, get a job, and contribute to the family. A gritty contemporary novel. A beautifully illustrated portrait of the highly influential monarch describes how Victoria became queen of England at the age of 18 and ruled for 63 years in the face of royal scandal, corruption, assassination attempts and other challenges.

Victoria was just 18 when she became queen. During her reign, she worked with various prime ministers, saw her country and its empire through multiple wars, and presided over a nation coping with vast technological and social change. Victoria's personality comes through in the narrative, along with the controversies that Victoria brought on herself.

Lots of illustrations along with a list of British monarchs and a family tree. Truly a biography fit for a queen! Journalist Paul Tough discusses what he believes creates successful children, looking at why some succeed and others fail and how to move individual children toward their full potential for success. We have been taught that children need to develop basic reading and counting skills before entering school.

The author argues that they would be better served by learning such skills as grit, conscientiousness, curiosity, and optimism. It all boils down to a debate about precognitive versus non-cognitive skills of self-regulation or, simply put, character. A must read for anyone interested in education…. A portrait of the complex, devoted, and enduring relationship between the Van Gogh brothers. Vincent and Theo unmistakably looked like brothers, they could not have been more opposite. It was a relationship, of competition, frustration, and, ultimately, adoration. Structured as a sort of gallery of key moments in the brothers' lives, the book covers their childhood, Vincent's pursuit of a vocation; Theo's dogged commitment to not only his own career but cultivating Vincent's.

Although separated by continents and decades, Josef, a Jewish boy living in s Nazi Germany; Isabel, a Cuban girl trying to escape the riots and unrest plaguing her country in ; and Mahmoud, a Syrian boy in whose homeland is torn apart by violence and destruction, embark on harrowing journeys in search of refuge, discovering shocking connections that tie their stories together. As a child I would look at my great grandfather and wonder how did he leave the only country ne have ever knew to make a new life thousands of miles away?

This novel is a signal of hope for the future with an empathic look at the new and old refugees. Respectful and historically accurate it is also a suspenseful adventure. Follows Dita Kraus from age fourteen, when she is put in charge of a few forbidden books at Auschwitz concentration camp, through the end of World War II and beyond. Based on a true story. It's a sophisticated novel with mature themes and a powerful testaments from the Holocaust era. An account of the life of the "father of physics" describes how as a young genius growing up in the home of an apothecary he read everything he could, built handmade machines and performed chemical experiments that seemed magical at the time.

This is narrative nonfiction at its best.