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Publications Poetry Books Zen Surado. He completed his pre-university studies on his own and remained in the condition of bank employee for twenty-four years until While working at the bank he became part of the intellectual resistance to the dictatorship of Francisco Franco. The book was a break from the traditional realistic rules of the time in Spain. He was deprived of his official status, and subsequently readmitted, by court order.

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During these years he began working regularly in different cultural magazines. After that he published Cecilia , named after his granddaughter, and La luz: Collected Poetry: — , In , he was award the inaugural European Prize for Literature. The documentary Antonio Gamoneda: Escritura y alquimia premiered in March Critical reception to Gamoneda's poetry has always been positive since the poet began to publish:.

The poetry of Antonio Gamoneda has the nakedness of existence. Regarding Lorca, Gamoneda is undoubtedly the only one who dares to follow suit.

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Facts are fragmented into sensations, isolated in details from its context, carrying echoes of earlier times. His glace is constrained to an obsessive nucleus, that drives it centripetally towards what the poet calls internalization. Only the events internalized matter - scarce, hurtful - and they offer their stiff-necked recurrence, their metamorphosis, their staying It is a peculiar sort of autobiographical way, non narrative or directly referential, but woven in the constant images and the center of interest, the elements that became emblematic, the figures and individuals.

It is a minimalist and repetitive dynamic

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