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Great posting! The pie sounds divine but the recipe card was the piece de resistance. I love looking from my mother-in-laws 's Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.

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She has recipes clipped inbetween the pages from friends and newpaper articles. It's a treat to use it. My mother still has a cookbook that her mom used where you were told to use a pinch of this and a handfull of that! Speaking of my mother, she made a sinfully rich chocolate pie which was made with honey not sugar. She can't remember the recipe any longer and I was wondering if anyone out there knew of one.

She made hers with a graham cracker crust but a regular crust would be fine too. I love it one person in the family reigns supreme over a recipe.

CVC's Granny's Old Fashioned Chocolate Cream Pie, Best Southern Baking

My Aunt "E" makes the most incredible coconut cream pie you ever put in your mouth and no one else in the family will even try. We all fight over getting her to make one when we get together. Now I really need to go do something productive!

I discovered ur blog while looking for chocolate pie recipes. I was thrilled to find this one! Tried it right away and it turned out great. I am an Idian, living in India, following the recipe of home sick Texan's recipe to success. Makes me thankful for internet and blogs! I made this pie last night. I stumbled on this looking for a recipe to use up a glut of Baker's chocolate in my freezer.. I used cocoa. Greetings from San Antonio.

I stumbled across your blog looking at the bacon jam recipe. The chocolate pie recipe is the one that definately caught my attention. I swear we could be related. Aside from a minor difference in the amount of milk and butter, this is the same recipe that has been passed through my family for at least four generations. Thanks for posting it. I definately want to try out some of your other recipes and you've managed to convince me that I need to check out the Central Market here! I would like to tell you THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart because growing up both of my parents had to work long hours to [put food on the table which meant I learned to cook at a very young age my grandma showed me everything I know I love to bake but, before she died I din't have a chance to get her pie recipes.

When I tried this my eyes watered up it was like I was sitting in her kitchen eating her chocolate pie.

Old Fashioned Sugar Pie Recipe

I echo the sentiments of others here, "Do we have the same Grandma, or what?! Thanksgiving's just around the corner and my Grandmother was always responsible for the chocolate pie. Every year her first comment upon arrival was, "I don't think it turned out this year. It's just not gonna be as good. She passed about 15 years ago, and to this day when we make this pie, you have to say her statement!

It doesn't matter which of us bakes the pie, it won't turn out without "THE Statement". I have fallen in love with your site and recipes. I am a Texan living in the Seattle area for awhile.

How to make flaky pie crust:

No Tex-Mex up here either. Your recipes have encouraged me to cook my heritage again. Thank you so very much for taking the time to share with ALL of us. We go through that same scenerio with my Aunt and her "famous" coconut pie. It's "never as good as the last one" and yet we are all fighting one another over getting an extra piece. We are all so lucky to have such good food memories! Your chocolate pie was one of the first things that caught my eye and I've had it in my 'to try' folder for ages. I finally did make it and it was gorgeous!

Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely recipe.

Old Fashioned Raisin Pie I Recipe -

The best part was it was so easy and quick to put together and looked so attractive! I am looking forward to trying out your other pies. I made your grandma's recipe today for my family. It is beyond delicious! My grandma was the "pie maker" in the family and she would have loved this! My meringue didn't turn out the greatest, but I don't have a lot of experience yet with meringue. Thank you for sharing her recipe. I wanted to try and make my grandmother's pie and stumbled onto your blog and love it!

I don't know if this is strange, but the story of your grandmother made me cry. I lost my grandmother in 04 and still miss her so much! That recipe card brought a tear to my eye. It could have come right from my grandma's recipe box — bless her soul. How I miss her and wish I'd gotten so many recipes from her.

I made this recipe, and it was just as wonderful as hers. Delicious and nostalgic.

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My Grandma passed when I was I have several of her recipe boxes full of recipes…she was a cake baker by trade but just a wonderful cook in general. My husband's grandmother made a chocolate pie like this and I had her come and we baked several chocolate pies over a weekend. She stirred and stirred her cocoa and flour until there were no lumps what so ever…. I am making one tonight for my hubby!!

First off.. We are all blessed to have these amazing food memories! Happy New Year to everyone and happy eating too! Just did this and enjoyed it a lot! I was always scared of making it for some reason and this recipe gave me the courage to try, and it's so easy and delicious I wonder why I had never made it before!

I'm gonna make it tonight, I keep skim on hand but will happily buy whole for this if needed. Thanks for the recipe! What a perfect way to celebrate both holidays! I'm a Texas ex-pat living in upstate New York.. I have fond memories of chocolate fried pies at a little diner in Snyder Plaza in University Park Dallas.

Your grandmother's chocolate pie filling and the blueberry fried pie crust would be heavenly! Great pie! I just made it today and it was chocolaty goodness! I used whipped cream because it was easier and it went so well. I highly recommend making this pie!