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Henry Prize winner in Their window is barely three feet from hers, so that she can examine their food, hear some of their whispers, breathe in the sharp scent of their incense.

Stories for Kids Ages 8-10

The rain blurs the lines of their faces and bodies, and their movements become dreamlike. They remind her of her parents, the way they broke fast quietly, always on the floor, and as a teenager she often gave them fifteen minutes before she joined with her cup of tea. I absolutely adore anything written by Etgar Keret and post his stories as soon as I can find one. Even when the waiter specifically asked him whether he was alone.

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Mickey, stop. Just stop! If you are going to read just one story from the list then let it be this one. This other Murakami also lives in Japan and is a best-selling author in his own right.

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Audition , on which the famed film is based, is one of his best known books. The bartender never rests.

He lines up the glasses, chills the champagne and white wine, chips rocks out of a block of ice, replaces ashtrays, serves up platters of sausages or raw oysters. No doubt all nine of the people sitting at this bar are looking for sin tonight. The circumstances are different for each, of course, but all have the same destination in mind. No one gets drunk in order to elevate their moral standards.

The bartender, sure enough, is a priest of sorts. Everything he writes in his graceful, precise prose is immensely readable.

1. The Refugees by Viet Thanh Nguyen: £12.99, Little, Brown

My Patti was a beauty. Donna and Sheila were medium-pretty. One night Sheila confessed to Patti that she loved her more than anything on earth. Patti told me she used those words.

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Patti said she loved her too. She loved all her friends. But not in the way Sheila had in mind. After a minute, she nodded. She kissed it, then got out of the car. Time to order The Harder They Come. She was a good sport, Micki, and if my knees were in the way and the water felt faintly greasy, she made the most of it, but for me the weekly bath began to feel like a burden.

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Her elegant prose is a revelation. I must confess that I read this story at least half a dozen times. Auntie Mei had worked as a live-in nanny for newborns and their mothers for eleven years. Many families would have been glad to pay her extra for another week, or another month; some even offered a longer term, but Auntie Mei always declined: she worked as a first-month nanny, whose duties, toward both the mother and the infant, were different from those of a regular nanny.

Once in a while, she was approached by previous employers to care for their second child.