Sei schlau, geh in den Bau: Was wirklich läuft im Land (German Edition)

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Herausforderungen der Digitalisierung im deutschen Gesundheitswesen am Beispiel der elektronischen Gesundheitskarte. Patient-experience based organizational learning : criteria for a patient satisfaction measure as an effective indicator in home care settings [Paper]. Physicians as jacks of all trades? Rate your home care nurse : methodological challenges in measuring patient satisfaction with home care services [Paper].

Mai Spread the word : a replication and theoretical extension of a Word-of-Mouth model of consumer behavior with regard to the context of HIV prevention campaigns [Paper]. April, Still lost in transformation? Applying the health complaints analysis tool HCAT to patient complaint data of patient interest organizations : a qualitative analysis using data from Switzerland [Paper]. Angerer, Alfred , Hrsg. Zukunftsperspektiven des Schweizer Spitalwesens. Ja, wir wollen! Verbindung zweier Welten : die Schnittstelle zwischen Spital und Krankenversicherer.

Drevs, Florian; Gebele, Christoph,. Fischer, Andrea, Hrsg.

Herausforderungen und Chancen von Umkehrhypotheken als hybrides Fundraising-lnstrument [Paper]. Ressourcenmobilisierung durch Nonprofit-Organisationen : theoretische Grundlagen, empirische Ergebnisse und Anwendungsbeispiele.

Thieme E-Journals - Gesundheitsökonomie & Qualitätsmanagement / Abstract

Bergmann, Andreas, Hrsg. Arbeitgeber Krankenhaus : Studie offenbart Imageprobleme. One cert fits all? Job satisfaction is not enough : how ownership-status related beliefs affect job retention of German medical executives. The impact of sanction fear on prosocial intentions using the example of clinical training.

Customer perception of strikes in the transportation sector : an analysis of MWOM. Dietrich, M.

Studiengang Management in der Gesundheitswirtschaft

Drevs, F. Person—ownership status fit and employer attractiveness of hospitals: An empirical study among medical students in Germany. International Journal of Healthcare Management. Seemann, A. Gebele, C. Applying the concept of consumer confusion to healthcare: Development and validation of a patient confusion model. Health Services Management Research, 27 , Results A preliminary evaluation of the implementation process revealed a fundamental need to integrate the Lower Saxon Policy Framework for School Quality. Therefore, the School-BSC no longer evaluates schools from four perspectives, but rather from six, pursuant to the Policy Framework.

The health specialists expect the School-BSC to promote goal-oriented and structured work and transparency within schools.

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Considering the participatory approach, two health specialists were enlisted to optimize the training concept. Conclusions Evaluation of the School-BSC in schools makes it possible to assess its suitability as a management and evaluation instrument in these organizations. Newly developed school programs largely dispelled the initial reservations of the health specialists. The School-BSC is viewed as a useful tool for the creation of organizational structures and transparency and for the facilitation of work. This study provides information useful for enhancing management-related interventions.

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Strategisches Management in deutschen Krankenhäusern - Ergebnisse einer empirischen Trendstudie

WHO www. Accessed on: 1. November Boersch V, Elschen R Hrsg. Gabler, Wiesbaden.

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Balanced Scorecard. Der Anaesthesist 52 10 : Teil 2. Bildungspolitik aktuell: In: Saldern Mv Hrsg. Selbstevaluation von Schule. Books on Demand GmbH: , Norderstedt. Juni in der Fassung vom August Accessed on: June Teil 1. Der Controlling-Berater — Effekte des Kooperationsprojekts "gesund leben lernen".

Z Erzieh 5 4 — CrossRef.

Thieme E-Journals - Gesundheitsökonomie & Qualitätsmanagement / Abstract

Problemzusammenhang und Forschungsdesiderate. Schule wohin? Mayring P Qualitative Inhaltsanalyse. Grundlagen und Techniken, Beltz Verlag, Weinheim. Niven PR Balanced Scorecard. Preventing chronic disease.

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Public health research. Practice and Policy — MHH Info. Unterricht Wirtschaft — In: dies. Haupt: , Bern.