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A total from Forrest Griffin's writing debut, Becoming the Natural tells a sobering, oftentimes heart-wrenching, tale of Randy Couture's ascent to mixed martial arts stardom. Couture wears his heart on his sleeve in this book, and the result is an intimate read that covers every aspect of "Captain America's" oftentimes flawed life. Like he is in the cage, though, Couture is impossible not to like throughout the novel, a true testament to his honesty and hard-working attitude that we all aspire to achieve.

The myth of military hand-to-hand combat systems

Frankly, Couture is the man, and this book serves to bolster his already historic legacy as a fighter and as a human being. Penn is arguably the most gifted mixed martial artist to ever step foot in the Octagon. From earning his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt in record time to knocking out legends like Sean Sherk and Matt Hughes, "The Prodigy's" accomplishments as a fighter are simply remarkable.

The book tells the tale of Penn's life growing up as a scrappy kid in Hilo, Hawaii who eventually found success and worldwide recognition inside the UFC Octagon. By detailing his life with such precision, Penn is able to give readers a deeper look inside "The Prodigy" and allow us to better understand him as both a person and as a world-class fighter.

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The myth of military hand-to-hand combat systems

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