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Wendy Digout.


Nova Scotia,Canada. Zuri Eberhart. Florida USA. Sophia Fairchild.

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Sydney, Australia. Marie Christine Fanget. CA, USA. Amanda Fencker. Dawn Gross. MA, USA. Hilde Sofie: Hanssen. Drammen, Norway. Lesley Hancock-Wittstock. WA, Australia.

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Eugenia Hernandez Rovelo. Chiapas Mexico. Isaac Jones.

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Cindy Lake. NV, USA. Brenni Larson. Minnesota, United States. Auckland, New Zealand. Kelly Lydick. Maureen Mills.

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Lily Sheen. California, USA. Karen Yankovich. My deepest desire is to empower others with the knowledge and support they need to live a magical life of joy, passion, and resilience. At Dream Beautiful, I offer workshops, classes, and individual coaching to help children and adults dream beautiful dreams and live a life of love, light, and purpose. She was very happy with the creativity of the class. She learns so much and comes home so happy. She gives simple and practical tools to help little and grown people alike achieve more happiness and peace in their lives.

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  4. What People are saying: "My year-old just did a camp with Sharon and enjoyed every minute of it! Pierce "My daughter has attended several of Sharon's camps and she loves them! Life coaching is about helping people reach their fullest potential.