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Charles Abbe was the Vigilance Committee's second victim.

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Testimony at the later trials indicated that hostility toward Abbe from some of the residents had grown, over several years before his death, with numerous incidents of vandalism and threats during the last two years. Abbe was killed two days after Christmas , as he walked near the bay.

Gradually the investigation by Manatee County Sheriff A.

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Watson exposed the Vigilance Committee members and their connections with both murders. Nine men were indicted. In the end, seven men were found guilty. Although their sentences were death by hanging or life in prison, by all were free. Two escaped from prison; the others were pardoned. What led to the murders? When Karl Grismer wrote his "Story of Sarasota" in , he attributed the vigilantes' animosity toward Riley and Abbe to the belief that they assisted speculators who tried to push settlers off the land.

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Janet Snyder Matthews' later research for "Edge of Wilderness" found no support for that explanation. She concluded that the leaders of the Vigilance Committee operated from personal motives, one of which was jealousy of Abbe's wealth and political power. As historians continue to peel, away the layers of fact and fiction surrounding events in the past, it is clear that the settlers in this area at that time were subject to the fears, hostilities and lawlessness of a frontier society.

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An assassin is someone you hire to kill somebody like a contract killer. A vigilante is someone who took the law into his own hands e. An interesting fact. A large Muslim army was trying to destroy a small religious sect. The sect knew they had no chances of winning the war so they come up with the idea of sending someone to kill the enemy's leader hoping this would change the course of war. When caught these killers said that their mission was to kill the leader. The enemy had hard time believing that a person in their right mind would consciously do that given the great risks, so they thought those killers were under influence of drugs namely hashish and they called them hashishians hence the term assassin.

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I knew assassin's were originally Israeli guerrilla's called Hashashins. Never knew it had anything to do with hashish! That's really interesting. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. NoStupidQuestions comments.

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