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Apr 27, Kris Rafferty rated it it was amazing. Sweet, sad story of a damaged girl who triumphs despite overwhelming odds. And, yeah, finds the man of her dreams. Great writing, pace is perfect and enough surprises to keep me turning the pages. Well done. Mar 08, Jamilah rated it did not like it Shelves: funny-romance. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I have read this entire series with the exception of Jamie and I have to say this is by far the most disturbing. I love Bryan's story but Bruce just came across as a creepy and slightly abusive jerk.

Cyn feels self concious because of her breasts, so of course Bruce spends most his time focusing on them. She's a child prostitute who has never felt love so why don't we rush her into a marriage. And when Brucgets mad over something she says why shouldn't shake her up a bit to get his point across. That's sooo much better than what she endored from her family Also am I the only person who found their age difference a little unsettling? I would much preferred Bruce being with women in her late 20s to early 30s considering he is 35, but jeez Louise Cyn is only 22 and according the story never even experienced life I dreaded reading this book when I first found out that it was part of a series because I haven't tead the other books yet.

I've learned that this has been published by a different publishing hoise begore and is just going yo be re-released. I'm not sure about the difference but even if I'm missing some infos about the other characters and happenings, I can say that I enjoyed reading this. The book is actually hilarious at time and the other characters are worth checking out for.

This is I dreaded reading this book when I first found out that it was part of a series because I haven't tead the other books yet. This is basically about a preacher, Bruce, who just relocated in Visitation, North Carolina to set up a church when he met Cyn, or Cynthia who's running away from something. From there, their connection is quite undeniable but Bruce held off for Cyn's sake. The character combination is quite daunting although not really unbelievable.

This just proves us that "all is fair in love and war" or "love conquers all" is something you have to really want and you must fight for to achieve.

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A romance that you'll either love or hate, this book has been a different one for me. And in a good way. It's actually a first time that I've encountered a goody two shoe hero in the aspect where he's a preacher and is actually a clean romance compared to others. Now as I've said, I don't know the difference between the now and then content of this book, but from what I've read, I liked and enjoyed. And I think if you've read the other books from this series, then you'll more likely to enjoy this as much.

When Bruce Met Cyn

Reviews made are all my own. Loved the charters, small town, witty banter and emotional thrills of this fun romantic journey where opposites attract and white hot sparks fly Bruce Kelly is a sweet, charming and thoughtful man. He has spent his whole life helping others and understand everyone makes mistakes. When he is faced with the perfect woman for him, he is determined to win her trust and her heart. Cyn Potter is a world hardened survivor with sass and wit as her daily weapons of choice.

Bruce is a little too perfect all the time for her tastes and she is going to enjoy showing him how fun being imperfect can be Small town romance big city problems. Cyn has had it rough and is ready for a new start she puts a pin in the map and chooses Visitation, North Carolina. Bruce has to convince Cyn to leave the past in the past and to give him a shot at her future. I liked that Bruce was a good guy but not perfect. This is a total feel good story I highly recommend.

Though part of a series it can be read standalone. This is a reissue of a Lori Foster classic. This forbidden romance story is timeless and just as entertaining as it was the first time around. Visitation NC is a wonderful small town and a great place to start over for Cyn Potter. She's had a hard life and she's done what she needed to do to survive.

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Now she's putting that life behind her and plans on keeping up the walls she's built to prevent getting hurt again. Then she meets Bruce Kelly. His kindness and goodness soon has all those walls This is a reissue of a Lori Foster classic. His kindness and goodness soon has all those walls threatening to crumble.

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I highly recommend this tone. It was a good book. Bruce and Cyn certainly were opposites, but they fit together like rice and beans sorry, brazilian reference here, hahaha. Also they had so much chemistry, they let me hot and bothered.

Visitation, North Carolina Series by Lori Foster

It was beautiful how he kept his distance just to make sure she didnt felt overwhelmed by it. Apr 02, Linda un Conventional Bookworms rated it really liked it Shelves: adult , arc , fave-author , contemporary , read-in , review-books , romance , netgalley.

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The small-town feel of Visitation was well done, and I loved that Cyn was adopted as the town's own so quickly. Dec 06, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: , lori-foster. I first read this book in and again I recently read it as I received a copy from netgalley. I really enjoy the way that Lori Foster. Rates her characters. In this case they are compelling and have a wonderful backstory that has been fleshed out. Cyn was one of those women I just was rooting for.

She had a hard life and I wanted more for her. I loved the two of them together and even though they were opposites, they definitely hit it off well. Jan 31, Deborah Vespo rated it really liked it. Part of the Visitation series, which I just found out about and I now have to go and read the whole thing. Bruce is such a wonderful character, a genuine sweetheart that any female reader would fall in love with.

Cyn Cynthia has had such a difficult life, drunken mother and a rather nasty boyfriend character that has rather nasty intentions towards Cyn. She runs out after beating him to death when he appears in her room one night and takes to life on the streets. She never finished school and Part of the Visitation series, which I just found out about and I now have to go and read the whole thing.

She never finished school and can't find work and the only option she has is to sell herself. She feels a strange pull to the small town of Visitation, and when she makes enough money she quits her "job" and heads out to begin a new life for herself. This small town is where she meets some wonderfully genuine people and falls for Cyn.

And of course there is always the part of the storyline where her past is going to catch up with her, but she doesn't have to deal with it on her own. View 1 comment. Jun 08, Laurie rated it liked it Shelves: hot-romances , contemporary-romance , servicemen. I liked this book, but the hero wasn't one of my favorite characters.

I guess since Bruce was a preacher I was expecting him to have more skeletons in his closet to make the story more interesting. Instead, he was the standard gentleman who was straitlaced and had not much of a shady past all. The only thing that distinguished him as a hero was that he was protective, sexy, and he falls in love. The heroine was much more colorful. She was a former prostitute running from the past. She shows her I liked this book, but the hero wasn't one of my favorite characters. She shows her strength and determination throughout the book.

She is a woman to be admired for her courage and tenacity. This was a great story because what are the odds of a preacher and a prostitute falling in love? It is forbidden, so it makes the story even more appealing. I just wished the hero would have had some former "sins" of his own. Or maybe I just like reading about bad boys! Dec 19, Samantha rated it liked it.

This book was just ok.

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I've read some of her other works and they are definitely better. This one didn't really flow correctly. I wanted her to go into more detail about their relationship and how Cyn felt about her past.

go She didn't really go into how Bruce felt about Cyn's past and how he is planning on working through it. I just felt let down by this book. It didn't explore the rest of the town's ideas or further their relationships either. Just wish Ms. Foster would have taken more time with This book was just ok. Foster would have taken more time with it and really got into the story.