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Why are complaints hard to analyse?

Less than a week after I sent my proof of purchase, I not only got the new book, I also got a signed bookplate from the authors, a beautiful wooden spoon, and yes, a written apology. And you know when it is not. Companies would do well to understand how closely their success is tied to excellence in customer service as well as to product quality and cost.

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A person. A real, live, warm-blooded human being. Now, you may not have liked what you heard.

But there they were, talking to you on the phone. Human contact. Martha Muzychka is a writer and consultant living in St.

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Updated 18 hours ago. Indeed, whilst the number of complaints has decreased from H1 to H2, from H2 to H2 it shows an actual net increase from 3. So what are the main drivers of this? Let us go back to the current figures from H2.

Your Call Is Important To Us

What about the cost of complaints? Surely, they had decreased? The costs had surged for companies at a time when they face significant cost pressures. Well, for starters, more complaints mean more unhappy customers, which in turn corresponds to lower customer satisfaction.

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This situation is likely to be exacerbated by this newfound love affair we all seem to have cultivated for sharing our experiences — good, bad or sometimes plain dull — to the whole world, or at least our all-important followers on social media. Hence one bad experience can now reach many, many more people. And too bad if those reached have similar bad experiences with the same bank. It is evident complaints are bad for business. Little justification is required.

So why are organisations not doing more to tackle this? My thoughts on this are not restricted to complaints but also the text data organisations now have, be it a complaint, general enquiry, webchat or, indeed, social media comments. I believe there are two fundamental reasons for this. Firstly, text data is difficult to analyse. There are large volumes of it with very inconsistent formats and lots of misspellings, as well as the use of slang or "text" talk. If we consider typical structured data, it fits into nice neat columns and can be analysed with ease.

Text is made up of words, and there are , words in the Oxford English Dictionary, of which the average native English speaker has a vocabulary of 20,, Granted there are rules for constructing a sentence. And whilst the average customer may just write "I am unhappy with the service," there are 28 different synonyms for the word "unhappy" in Microsoft Word.

Unhappy could easily be interchanged with displeased, annoyed, upset, angry, disappointed, sad, etc.